Golden Prince® in addition to meeting the specific nutritional needs of dogs and cats, could allow veterinarians to use foods capable of helping to treat different demands in our dear companions. Our origin is to build on dedication to quality, nutrition, food safety, global scientific knowledge and decades of experience in the pet food industry, to help your pets enjoy a better and longer life. Our unwavering commitment to the nutrition, health, well-being and longevity of dogs and cats, is our greatest purpose.

Golden Prince®源于对质量、营养、安全的不断追求和全球宠物食品行业的经验积累, 配合临床兽医诊断及治疗过程, 满足爱宠特殊状态的营养需求, 支持爱宠重获健康, 乐享生命。

Golden Prince®处方食品,让爱宠获得更适合的营养,更健康、更长寿。
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